The time of digital stores have arrived, you need one too.


Online marketplaces are all over the place, why should you build your own e-commerce store?


It’s cheaper for the long term.

While online marketplaces are faster to set up, they require pricey regular fees and uncompromising sales percentages. Over time, these expenses can take a lot of chunk from your revenue and can hurt your bottom line.


You get to set your own rules.

Does it take slightly longer for you to deliver? Do you require more information about the orders? Having your own digital store lets you customize the sales process according to what you practice. This takes some pressure off your staff and allows you to deliver better.


It pulls your customers away from your competitors.

Online marketplaces are rarely exclusive and that means loads of competition. An unintended mistake can cost you bad reviews — a recipe for losing loyal and potential customers. This can be avoided by having your own e-commerce website.


If you’ve given it some thought in the past, now’s the perfect time to revisit them. Contact us now for a free consultation.


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