Do You Still Need a Website in this Day and Age?


The short answer is yes. It’s more important than ever. Here’s why.


It serves a higher-quality audience.

People who visit websites seek more information and have a higher intent to purchase than the average prospect.


It lets you control the narrative.

While social media is prone to unjust negative comments and trolls, your website is not. You get to put your best foot forward all the time.


A good one can take you a notch above your competitors.

Developing a website costs money and effort, and a good one can boost your credibility instantly.


What makes Plover different from freelancers?

Websites are not a one-person job anymore. It’s rare to find a single person who can code, design, strategize, and write. Besides, you’re setting yourself up for a huge risk when you have one person doing everything.

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